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My husband spent hundreds on his friends for Christmas but got me £15 spoons’

A woman said her husband called her ungrateful after she questioned the value of her present, as it emerged he had spent £15 on some spoons – but a coworker got a £450 watch

A woman was furious after she discovered her husband had spent thousands of pounds on presents for his friends at Christmas but had only bought her some spoons – worth £15.

Sharing her story anonymously, the woman said she found a list that her husband had written which showed who he wanted to buy for, what he was going to buy them and the price.

First, she saw one of his co-workers was due to get a watch, worth £450 ($600), his sister-in-law was getting a £190 ($250) bracelet, and then she found her name – and next to it was written ‘kitchen spoon set – $20’, which is about £15.

The woman then confronted her husband and asked him why he’d spent over £3,500 on everyone else but so little on her – and he called her ungrateful.

Taking to Reddit, she said: “What made me upset was that when I got to my name I saw that he bought me a $20 something kitchen spoon set.

“I was too shocked to ignore this and I had a confrontation with him about it.

“He argued that it’s his money he’s the one paying so I should not control that, his co-workers and friends are important to him and he’s known them for ages, and he said a gift should be appreciated no matter what it cost.

“I argued that he was disrespecting me and dismissing my feelings with the gift he chose to get me.

“Not to mention that I spend a lot of money on his gifts to buy him his favourite shoe/gaming brands but he got upset and said I was acting like an ungrateful, spoiled brat and urged me to get rid of this attitude and accept what I’m given.

“The argument got worse and we stopped talking to each other.”

After sharing her story online, the woman was inundated with advice from other Reddit users, who said she wasn’t in the wrong for being upset.

One said: “There’s still time to return his gifts and get him a $20 gift card to the local home improvement store.”

And a second wrote: “Girl, if you gonna be the last thing on his priority list, better give him nicely wrapped divorce papers this Christmas.”

While a third added: “I’m stunned reading that the most important person in his life is worth less thoughtfulness than a coworker, which can come and go.”