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People shocked to learn V at the neck of jumpers actually has a purpose

Many sweatshirts have a V design at the neck, and it’s not just to make a fashion statement – here are the interesting reasons why the clothing is designed that way

At some point, you’ll have noticed that nearly all jumpers have a small decorative V sewn into the neck, but you may be shocked to learn it actually serves a purpose.

Know in the industry as the V-Notch or V-Neck, the little triangular patch isn’t purely decorative as it was initially introduced to give sweaters a nice silhouette.

Clothing maker Russell Athletic explained on their website that the patch was also used to soak up sweat, when a thicker piece of cotton is attached, as the Daily Star reports.

Sweatshirts were invented back in 1926 by Benjamin Russell Jr, a football player, and the thicker, triangular piece of cotton soon became the signature detail for simple crew necks.

On their website, Russel Athletic said: “The original sweatshirt invented is most similar to what we call a crew neck sweatshirt, as is shown by the small v-notch around the collar.

“This thicker, triangular piece of cotton was the signature detail for simple crew necks that helped collect sweat and control the stretching of the collar after years of wear.

“Today, the crew neck sweatshirt lives on as a loose, long-sleeved, collarless pullover. This cotton jersey tends to fit closely with elastic cuffs and is commonly worn during athletic activity.

“Not too long after Russell Athletic invented the sweatshirt, the hoodie came along. The same technology and details were then stitched with a hood.

“While rich in history, over time the sweatshirt has expanded from just athletic wear to a versatile fashion piece. It’s all about how you rock it.

“Today a fashion statement, but when Benjamin Russell Invented the Sweatshirt in 1926 the V-Notch had a practical purpose.

“The sweatshirt was originally created as a football jersey, as part of that the V-Notch was designed with a thicker piece of cotton to soak up sweat.”

It continues: “In addition, the reinforced stitching helped to maintain shape around the neck.

“Today this signature detail gives each piece an elevated look with a hint of history.

“Over the years the V-Notch has transcended in size, design, and can now be found on garments such as hoodies and T-shirts today.”