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Mum in stitches after teacher takes her aside over her son’s first written sentence

Kirsty Jordan-Smith was left stunned after her son’s schoolteacher pulled her to one side to discuss her son’s first written sentence in front of other parents

A casual chat with her son’s teacher quickly took an unexpected and hilarious turn for one mum.

Mum Kirsty Jordan-Smith wasn’t sure what to expect when her son Finlay’s teacher pulled her to one side after a school day.

She knew the five-year-old could be “boisterous” and steeled herself for the conversation about the cheeky five-year-old.

But she was left stunned after the teacher revealed the five-year-old’s first ever written sentence.

His teacher cheekily flashed an electronic tablet at her to show off Finlay had scrawled ‘I like wine’ on the page.

The 39-year-old was left speechless before questioning where her son had heard the word as she doesn’t buy wine and instead drinks vodka and cokes.

Now the mum-of-two has vowed to stash the work away for when her youngest child’s older – and possibly trains as a sommelier.

Kirsty, from Yeovil, Somerset, said: “He’s a little character. I have no idea where he’s got it from – I’ve not a clue.

“His teacher called me over in front of all the other parents and my first thought was maybe he’d done something, because he’s quite boisterous. When you get ‘can I just have a word’, you cringe.

“She held out a tablet to me and showed me an online log. She showed me the photo and said ‘this is Finlay’s first sentence – are you proud?’

“I fell about laughing. It was hilarious that this was very first thing that he ever wrote down as a full sentence on paper.

“He wrote it completely unaided and he spelt it perfectly. It’s a total mystery.

“The teacher said she talked about things they might like, like animals or hot chocolate. She had no idea where it came from and it made her laugh so much.

“The funny part is I don’t drink wine. I do have a drink but I usually drink vodka and cokes. Neither of us do – my husband’s a rum drinker and I like a vodka.”

The mum initially feared that Finlay wouldn’t settle at school but he swiftly ‘took to it like a duck to water’.

Kirsty said: “Finlay started reception in September. He was not keen on the idea of going to school so I was a little nervous about how he’d get on, but he’s taken to it like a duck to water.

“Now he adores the school, he adores his teacher and he’s gone from not wanting to go at all to sitting at home reading and writing.

“On his first day of school, I asked him how it went and he replied ‘yeah, it was alright. I married two girls’. I cracked up laughing.

“He married two girls on his first day of school. I’ve already met my in-laws – both sets are nice.

“He’ll be a bit of a legend around school – he already is.”

Kirsty added: “My sister works at the school as well so I’ll never hear the end of it. It travelled all around the teachers and they had a chuckle.

“When I got home I said ‘Finlay, do you know what wine is?’ He said no.

“Neither of us drink very often so it’s not like he sees bottles and labels around.

“I told him it’s alcohol and he giggled – he was mortified. He knows he’s not allowed to drink it.

“He’ll pick up my vodka and coke up at the weekend and I say ‘no, no, don’t drink that – it’s got alcohol in it’.

“He does come out with things that make us look and think ‘where does that come from?'”

After sharing the post online, Kirsty claims her friends and family were barely surprised as they all know what a ‘character’ her son is – while her husband Mark ‘laughed and laughed’.

Kirsty said: “I got home and loaded the online log to show my husband. He laughed and laughed.

“Everybody knows what a character he is.

“I might be able to get the original to stash away for when he’s older to go along with all the other things he’s done.”